Family Time

We got a quick dose of family time when we made the trip up to WA last week for Skyler and Lisa's wedding. It was so great to see everyone and to be able to participate in such a wonderful occasion. We had a lot of firsts this trip;

First time flying in and out of pasco
First time meeting Auger Wayne Hebdon (and he is THE CUTEST)
First time being at one of Brandon's brother's sealings
First time helping decorate/take down for a reception
First time eating Brandon's mom's Rhubarb pie (for megan...def not for Brandon)
First time eating Lime Pear Delight (for megan...Brandon is a veteran)
First time meeting Aunt Leighanne and Brian and their kids.

So as you can see just from the list above we had a great time. We love seeing family and were very sad to leave. We can't wait until we get to visit with them again and hopefully it wont be such a quick trip. I have been trying to convince Brandon that we need to move up there but he reminded me of how cold it gets in the winter, how hard farming is, and how I wouldn't be able to find a job and that pretty much sealed the deal for us staying in California (at least until the babies come....then we might have to revisit the idea...I want my kids to know their family!)

We love the Hebdons and we love being Hebdons. It's always a blessing to know that we come from a long line of great people!


  1. And the Hebdon's love you!
    We are so happy that you were able to come, and that we were able to come too :).

  2. Looks like a fabulous trip! Aren't "firsts" the best when you're married, it's amazing that no matter how long you are together you can still find those "firsts"! We hope to move closer one day too... family is amazing and yours is definitely wonderful!

  3. I'm thinkin I agree with Megan. You guys should move up here! How about Moses or TriCities? I do love your new house though. It's beautiful!


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