We are Alive

We haven't posted in forever...we know. Sorry about that. We are alive and we are well. We have been so busy between work, house work, and church work (service really...but I wanted to keep the "work" theme going). We have had a couple of fun adventures like when we got to go out to Greg and Adena's and be there for Ethan's beautiful blessing and being able to see our nieces and nephew play sports (full day of soccer and football).

The house is coming along...slowly...but it's coming. We did get a couch from Greg and Adena and that takes up a lot of room which is great because we had a lot of room to fill. It is mostly painted (besides the future kids bedrooms, downstairs bathroom which is bright orange at the moment and my craft room. We just figured that since we don't use those rooms very much right now that they can wait until we have more time and until we don't hate painting with a passion. We are getting free tile and grout from a hook-up that Brandon has through work so we are going to be tiling our bathrooms and we figure we will paint those at the same time. We are also getting a free pedestal sink from someone that I work with to fix up the downstairs bathroom...but again... that will wait until the floors are tiled.

We are learning that one of the hardest things in life is learning how to balance it all. Between our marriage, work, the house, church callings, and finding time to have a hobby or at least do something that we like....we are having a tough time but I am sure we will figure it all out in time. It might not ever get easier but life wasn't meant to be easy because you don't grow as an individual when it's easy...you have to "work out" your own salvation so that is what we are working on....and will forever continue to work on.

We love you all...and hopefully more posts will be coming since we will soon be getting internet at home! YAY!!


  1. Megan. I just love to read how you apply the gospel in your life. I love to read your posts and love you. Hope you figure it all out soon! Jurgen and I also find it difficult. But maybe if it was easy we wouldn't do it? The more effort we put on something the more love we develop for it.
    Hugs, Analia.

  2. Hey! I am so excited for you guys! That is such a big step, wow. Way to go. Josh is coming down to San Jose for an internship expedition this week. He is pretty excited. Maybe we'll end up down there next summer. (I'm not sure how far you are from there). Stay happy! You guys are such an inspiration! Did you here we had a second?


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