A lot has happened since we last blogged. A LOT LOT LOT! We got home from the half marathon and went back to work. At the end of the week Brandon was unexpectedly called into the office where he was swiftly and suddenly laid off! The blame was solely on the economy. It was pretty crappy, especially since it was basically right before the holidays. HO HO HO Happy Holidays...your fired. So the next week we went to Megans brothers place in the Phoenix area for Thanksgiving and for the blessing of thier new baby. We came back, and Megan went to work, and Brandon started looking for jobs. He had a couple of interviews, and was offered a position! But it didnt feel like the right thing, and it would only be a year long, so he turned it down knowing that there was a higher power that had a better plan. So he kept looking, and had a couple more interviews. Then on December 23rd we left for Washington to be with Brandons family for Christmas. It was a great visit! We were in Royal for a few days, then spent a couple days at Ensign Ranch with the entire Kieth and Idris Hebdon family (Bs grandparents), then we spent a couple of days in Seattle/Silverdale with our awesome friends from BYU-I, then we flew home to California. On Monday (Jan 3rd) Brandon had an interview with the VP of a company that he had an interview with a couple weeks previously. The interview went extremely well, and early the next morning (Jan 4th) they called to offer him a job! and the next morning (Jan 5th) Brandon was headed to work again! WOW what a blessing! The job is in downtown Los Angeles, which is kind of a long commute. However, we carpool together till we get to the street where Megans work is and where there is also a train station. Megan goes to the gym nearby and Brandon gets on the 5:58 train for a trafficless and carefree ride to Union Station, then the subway takes him next door to the building that he works in. Quick and painless. On the way home is even better because Brandon gets to the station just a few minutes after Megan gets off work, and we ride home together again and live happily ever after.


  1. Congratulations!!! And Jan 4th is my birthday so of course it would be the perfect day for fantastic news;)

  2. "we ride home together again and live happily ever after" Cute... We're going trough a similar situation. Jurgen also turned a job down because it didn't feel right. Only that that was in July and he didn't get a new job yet! Still we know that it was the right thing to do and he'll get the right job when the time is right.

  3. Love it! Miss you! I think you need a vacation already to Phoenix :)!


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